Chassis Dyno Testing and Tuning

Whether you want to find out how much horsepower your truck or car is really making, whether it's diesel or gas, or would like to have custom tuning done to maximize your performance, Diesel Fuel Systems, Inc. can help you! With the MD-1750-DE Mustang Dynamometer, we offer the latest and most precise technology on the market.

We can perform both pre-installation and post-installation testing, plus provide a documented report showing the power increases experienced by your vehicle. On gas vehicles, we can also test your air/fuel ratio for top economy and performance. We can even strap your vehicle down on the dyno and run the quarter-mile, showing you various trap speeds and things like 0-60 foot times, just like at the racetrack!

We offer several different pricing options to fit your needs - whether you want to just find out where you stand, or want some time to do some tuning, we can fit you in! Also, ask us about pre and post installation testing to see the changes your modifications make!

Price Packages & Reports


What You Get


3 Runs (customer's choice)


3 Runs (5 or more people)


1 Hour - unlimited runs


1/2 Day - unlimited runs


Full Day - unlimited runs